Mr. Brown’s Directions - A Play

10 March 2017
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Passion, entanglement and a superstar gardener…

It is 1769 and William Constable Esq of Burton Constable Hall has big ideas. Not content with refashioning his house and tearing down the stables, the old park now HAS to go. Aided, abetted - and sometimes blocked - by his lively sister Winifred and faithful steward John Raines, William is determined to transform his parkland into the height of 18th century fashion. But where is the elusive Mr ‘Capability’ Brown? And will he ever agree to come to Holderness in East Yorkshire?

Inspired by original archive material with live music and sumptuous costumes, eavesdrop on a dramatic decade in Burton Constable’s history, a time of Rousseau, curiosities, love and loss. Mr Brown’s Directions offers a chance to experience a unique performance, written by Rachel Feldberg exclusively for Burton Constable Hall. Burton Constable hold a rare survival in their collections, the remarkable Mr. Brown’s Directions – a unique series of minutes recorded during each of Brown’s eight visits to Burton Constable between 1772 and 1782 that provide a rare and wonderful insight into how the man himself executed his grand schemes.

There will be four performances of Mr Brown’s Directions over 10 &11th March 2017 at Burton Constable Hall.

Further Details

  • Event type:  Exclusive opening
  • Cost:  £26 includes afternoon tea in the Great Hall
  • Location:  Burton Constable
  • Opening times: 

    2 - 4pm

  • Accessibility Details:  See website
  • Telephone:  01482 392699/392703
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