Use the map to find out more about Capability Brown sites across the UK. The map points to a mixture of attributed and definite sites where Brown is thought to have worked or advised on.

Brown left remarkably few records of where he worked. This map has been gathered from a collection of sources, primarily  John Phibbs' article "A list of landscapes that have been attributed to Lancelot 'Capability' Brown" in Garden History 41:2, The Journal of The Garden History Society. This list is now available online, and uses a percentage-based attribution system to assess how likely it is that Brown was linked to a site. This map shows sites given an attribution of more than 45 per cent. 

One of the great challenges of this project is that there is much debate around what is, and what isn't, an attributed Capability Brown site. It is a controversial topic and many experts disagree on this. This map, and the festival itself, aims to ignite an investigation into Capability Brown's legacy. Further reading includes Lancelot Capability Brown: A Research Impact Review prepared for English Heritage by The Landscape Group, University of East Anglia. For more information on work done by Brown in specific counties, see details of publications from The Gardens Trust.

We have put together this map to show where we think the sites are, and we endeavour to make this map as accurate as possible. Please send any thoughts, corrections or comments to