Book: Capability Brown in Norfolk

30.09.2016 | category: General
©Roger Last
©Roger Last

The Norfolk Gardens Trust (NGT) is very pleased to release its latest book Capability Brown in Norfolk, published on August 30th 2016.

The NGT has a research group of 12 members and includes Professor Tom Williamson of the UEA. The group have made a study of their county’s Brown sites at Kimberley, Langley and Melton Constable, all of which are in private ownership; they are extremely fortunate that three of Brown’s plans (for Kimberley and Langley) have survived and his contract and schedule of payments for Melton Constable was acquired by the Norfolk Records Office as recently as 2013.  By studying these documents and exploring the parks the researchers were able to establish how many of Brown’s proposals were carried out and make a detailed record of what has survived into the twenty-first century.  

Each park has its own dedicated chapter, which begins by looking at the history of the landscape and the main events and people that shaped it before the mid-eighteenth century, in order to understand what Brown proposed to make changes to.  These chapters conclude with a brief account of subsequent landscaping to the parks, some of which could have masked Brown’s earlier work.

To complement these three core chapters, Tom Williamson has written an introduction to Lancelot Brown and the main methods and people he worked with.  Tom concludes the book by writing about the other parks in Norfolk where Brown worked on a lesser scale or is reputed to have worked.  He examines the evidence (if any) for the latter, before going on to describe the sheer amount of landscape park-making (around 200 sites) in eighteenth-century Norfolk and some of the other lesser-known architects.

This paperback book comprises of 188 pages, and is furnished with 135 colour illustrations of plans, photographs and paintings – the majority of which have never been in print before.  Norfolk Gardens Trust have self-published the book with help and advice from Barnwell Print in Aylsham, Norfolk.  For the special introductory offer of £9.99 + £3.00 P&P, readers of this newsletter can order the book from Norfolk Gardens Trust by downloading the order form from their website:  After 20th October the book can be bought from Jarrolds for £15.99 (+P&P) online:

About the Author: Sally Bate, Editor, The Norfolk Gardens Trust.