Brown's bank account now available online

28.08.2015 | category: General

The bank accounts of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown and his executors are available online for the first time thanks to the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) archives.

The accounts have been made available in anticipation of next year’s Capability Brown Festival, which celebrates the tercentenary of Brown’s birth, and his stunning landscape designs.

Brown’s accounts (covering the years 1753-1783) and his executors (1783-1789) appear in the customer account ledgers of Drummonds Bank of Charing Cross, London, which are held in RBS’s archives.

Brown's bank account has for decades proved to be a key source for the study of landscape and garden history. RBS hopes that by making his account, and that of his executors, available online they will be able to further the study of Brown's life and work.

In addition to the scans themselves, RBS has also produced a short guide to using the accounts, along with a note by landscape historian David Brown, who has become very familiar with the account in recent years, containing his own view of the account's importance and value to garden historians.

To find out more, and request access to the digital copies of the accounts, please visit the Brown pages on the RBS Heritage Hub.

About the author: Philip Winterbottom is an Archives Manager at the Royal Bank of Scotland.