Capability Brown's Interactive Legacy

29.10.2014 | category: Gardens
Capability Brown Interactive Map
Lancelot Capability Brown Interactive Map

The first-ever interactive map showcasing Lancelot 'Capability' Brown's work and legacy across the UK launched this month.

The Capability Brown Festival Interactive map unites geography, history, landscape and the legacy of Capability Brown through its visual mapping of his work. More than 250 pins across England and Wales show where Brown is thought to have worked and advised on different sites. He is not thought to have worked in either Scotland or Ireland.

Brown was a prolific worker, and often travelled the country by horseback. The sheer size and volume of his work is presented visually through the multitude of pins. This is the first time a definitive list of his work has been presented as interactive, online database.

Brown left no definitive record of where and when he worked, so some sites are confirmed as his work, and some sites simply have attributions. The CBF team hopes that further information will come to light during the festival to increase Brown knowledge. This information will be fed into the content on the website.

The interactive map data has been collected through a wide range of sources, including Lancelot Capability Brown: A Research Impact Review prepared for English Heritage by The Landscape Group, University of East Anglia document, and the Parks & Gardens UK Places and People database. The Ordnance Survey, Kent Gardens Trust, Grid Reference Finder and Google Maps, as well as more than 35 other independent websites were used for reference information. 

This is the first attempt at putting a map of Capability Brown’s work into the public domain.