Going Wild - Biodiversity in Brownian Landscapes

19.01.2017 | category: General
Longleat. Photo by Leslie Pearman, Natural England
Longleat. Photo by Leslie Pearman, Natural England

Watch Leslie Pearman from Natural England's webinar highlighting how Capability Brown’s landscapes provide havens for wildlife and stepping stones for species to connect with similar habitats in the wider landscape. Of European importance are the ancient trees that were retained or planted by Brown, a key component of wood pasture and parkland habitat, which provide homes for dead wood dependant species such as beetles, lichens and fungi, as well as providing roosts for bats.

Click below to watch, or on YouTube at Going Wild: Biodiversity in Brownian Landscapes

About the author: Leslie Pearman is Senior Heritage Adviser at Natural England and a member of the Capabilty Brown Festival Project Management Board.