The Hidden Lake at The Orangery

11.11.2016 | category: General

The Orangery is an estate retreat in Devon which combines luxury and natural beauty on a stunning 100-acre property, with gardens and parkland landscaped by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown in 1773. Beyond the beauty of the main house and gardens recently restored by Philip and Kara Letts, the estate is now also home to a working rare breed farm where happy animals are brought up in a natural environment that produces quality products.

As if the iconic gardens weren’t enough, The Orangery is also famous for having one of the very few lakes designed by Capability Brown himself. This stunning lake rests above the bath house on a spectacular levelled slope, creating an infinity view from the lake out towards the sea. The lake is nestled inside a horseshoe arrangement of birch trees that offer protection for this hidden delight.

A local team have been working to integrate subtle new ideas that harmoniously blend and enhance what Capability Brown has created. The vision is to think forward to respect the past. Examples of this philosophy include the addition of plants that capture a new romantic Mediterranean feel and innovative stream renewal, which has the water travel from the building to the bog garden and then back to the lake.

Looking out over the lake is the lake house, seemingly floating above the lake like a stunning mirage. Sitting on the decked veranda, you don’t just witness nature, you feel a part of it.

The lake house's open plans and panoramic windows stretch from the floor to the ceiling ensure that the connection to nature doesn’t end once you step foot inside. When staying at the lake house, time slows to the natural rhythms of the area. Combined with the stunning gardens and day trips down to the beach, a magic experience awaits the lucky few who stay at The Orangery. To find out more about the Orangery visit the website.

About the Author: Anna Stella, Marketing, The Orangery.