Introducing the new Narcissus ‘Capability Brown’!

08.09.2016 | category: General

What better tribute to the legacy of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, widely regarded as England’s greatest landscape gardener than for a new plant, Narcissus ‘Capability Brown’, to be named in his honour on the 300th anniversary of his birth? In fact Brown is known to have planted a double jonquil, Narcissus ‘Telamonius Plenus Van Sion’  in his landscape garden designs.

The idea was initiated by Steffie Shields, a professional garden photographer, writer, historic landscape consultant and an advisor to the Capability Brown Festival and author of a new book on Brown: 'Moving Heaven & Earth - Capability Brown's Gift of Landscape'.  She explains: ‘Narcissus "Capability Brown" is a new cultivar produced by Cornwall-based Ron Scamp, a highly-regarded bulb specialist, and RHS Gold Medal winner for 26 consecutive years, who has recently registered this beautiful Narcissus "Capability Brown" with the Royal Horticultural Society’.

Historical accounts suggest narcissi have been cultivated from earliest times, both medicinally and botanically, but became increasingly popular in Europe after the 16th century. Native to meadows and woods in southern Europe and North Africa, these now universally popular spring perennial plants’ common names include daffodil, daffadowndilly, narcissus, and jonquil. 

The new Narcissus ‘Capability Brown’ bulbs are now available and as Ceryl Evans, the Director of the Capability Brown Festival concludes: ‘Our hope is that many of Capability Brown attributed sites will be interested in planting this beautiful spring bulb, as a seasonal reminder every year of the remarkable Capability Brown Festival introducing Brown’s amazing legacy landscapes to a much wider audience’.

If you are interested in learning more about these bulbs, visit this link.