Lauren's a tough mudder

27.07.2016 | category: General

Capability Brown’s remaining landscapes are adaptable enough to be used for a host of events, from music concerts to triathlons. One of the most punishing is Tough Mudder, which sees participants scrambling through 10-12 miles of mud and tackling obstacles with such enticing names as ‘electroshock therapy’ and ‘quagmire’. This year saw Belvoir Castle host the event for the first time, and among those taking part was Lauren Tubb. Lauren works for the Landscape Institute, which manages the Festival, and was running on our behalf...

It wasn’t my first time doing a Tough Mudder, so I knew what I was in for, the mud becomes your closest friend, the ice your enemy. I am not what you would call, a natural runner, not lean nor speedy, so when faced with 11.1 miles ahead of you, you need to find something to spur you on, what I didn’t account for, was that I wouldn’t have to worry in the slightest, as Belvoir took me into a beautiful and interesting world of sculpture and art, with changing landscapes and scenery around every enchanting corner. I was very proud to be running in my Capability vest and took pleasure in pointing out facts about the land to my fellow Mudders! (as we’re known).

In stark contrast to the tranquil beauty of the grounds we were dunked, zapped and chucked over walls of mud, ice, brick, fence and barbed wire until we were absolutely filthy and exhausted. I can now say I have a little piece of Lancelot in me as I think I drank half the moat that runs through the grounds as we had to wade through it to warm up from our ice bath.

I cannot tell people enough how utterly beautiful Belvoir is, and how many welcome distractions it provided whilst I was lolloping through it, if you haven’t been yet, you simply MUST! It surely did give me the Capability to carry on through the miles, I may have been Brown with mud but I Belvoired away until the end!

About the Author: Lauren Tubb works for the Landscape Institute. 


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