Poem: 'Views' by Jordanne Renne

21.10.2016 | category: General

If it gets in your way knock it down
I hear the cries of women who have been torn down from their rightful place
The wailing echoes through the willow trees and she doesn't like to be ignored
Her fury is still and silent
Creating pangs in my chest
Admire the beautiful views
Trees given more humanity than me and you
Mountains can be moved for the white man
Mustard seed faith and misogyny

Enwhitenment: discovering places that already exist
The 18th century gap year

Knock it down

Heads held down as we are sat at your feet
Isn't it an honour that her fury only asks for acknowledgement, equity and reparations?

Be grateful that we don't want revenge

Knock it down

The landscape is broken backs mounting into hills
This landscape is a place where dreams are born for those with enough
Disposable income to be human beings
This landscape is the sofa you put over the damp patch on the living room wall
This landscape is an amalgamation of sapling seeds and colonial secrets
This landscape is the greener grass on the other side
This landscape is ego power and pride
I see wooden benches
I see the bark of trees
I see stories being hidden
I see serpentine rivers winding around displaces disporian plants
I see the “British”: the ultimate borrowers who never seem to put things back
I see skylines of souls looking down on you and seeing your skins
I see people that are capable of anything – but valuing
black and brown lives
Grass grounds trees
black brown leaves
I see gentreefication breaking news: “A Tree Stole My Home”

We made men out of you
We made daisy chains of our broken homes and flower crowns from the fragments of our faith
We made tea from our fallen tears and fought
We made molehills into mountains
We made madness our home
We made people rise who were told they could only ever fall

We are the best thing about your “quintessentially British view”.


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